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Upper and Lowercase Letter and Sound Recognition

Upper and Lowercase Letter and Sound Recognition

The first five assessments can be used to assess either uppercase letter or letter-sound recognition. The next five focus on lowercase letters. The letter order for same-numbered assessments (e.g., "UPPERCASE LETTERS 1" and "lowercase letters 1") are identical. Five different assessment sets are included so students do not memorize letters by the order in which they are presented. The number of assessments equals the five days in the school week.   

High-Frequency Words from The Short Books

Halfway through my first year as a teacher, I received a class set of Short Books from one of my district's special education consultants. I love how the books build cumulatively to introduce 64 unique words. The following assessments can be used in conjunction with the books. I am not affiliated with or endorsed by The Short Books.

Short-Vowel Words (CVC)

Once students have mastered basic letter-sound recognition, can isolate beginning consonant sounds in words, and can hear rhyme, they are ready to move to consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. CVC words are easy to decode because the three letters in each word follow the sound patterns the student currently knows. For example, the "s" in the word "sat" is pronounced /s/ unlike the "s in "shut."